Tigers @ Rays 6-29-12: David Price is Really Good

If it feels like Tigers starters have given up an inordinate number of home runs this season, believe me, it feels much worse when you’re watching the Rays hit solo homer after solo homer off your ace.  But let’s not dwell on the outcome, because I have pictures!  I’ll post the whole set somewhere and have a link at some point, but for now, I’ll give you the highlights.  Please feel free to share with a credit back to this blog.  Enjoy!

Coke pitches in the bullpen

Action Coke!  Tampa’s bullpen is on the field, so photo ops are easy.

Avila and Yong during BP

I really wish I knew what Delmon said to put this expression on Alex’s face.  This just makes me laugh for some reason.

Benoit bowls with water bottle

Benoit shows off his bowling skills with a water bottle.

Prince and Avila

Manly huggles in three, two, one . . .

Alex hugs Prince

Sneaky hugs from Avila for Prince!

Alex and Prince

“I love you, man!”  But, seriously, if you think this is cute, you have no idea . . .

Little Prince and Miggy

Meanwhile, in the outfield, Miggy was playfully shoving Mini Prince to provoke him, which led to a bit of a scuffle.

Miggy and Little Prince

An adorable scuffle . . .

Miggy and Little Prince

Uh, oh . . .

Miggy and Little Prince


Miggy and Little Prince.


I just love that the kids walk around like they belong there, like this isn’t even unusual.  So awesome.  The other boy is Dave Dombrowski’s kid, btw.

Berry signing autographs

Berry chats with fans while signing autographs.  You know, I’ve been to so many spring training games, both in Lakeland and other parks, no autographs.  I go to one Rays game and get Berry AND Coke’s.  Go figure.

JV is an All Star


Miggy has a ball

Miguel shows everyone his baseball.

AJ smiles

Curtis Granderson may still have the best smile in baseball, but I think Austin Jackson may be close.

Leyland argues with an ump

I finally got to witness Skipper arguing with an ump.  Here he is, giving some parting thoughts.

Benoit smiles

Benoit has a lovely smile, too.

Delmon home run

Delmon, helpful for a change, decided we needed at least one run in the game and hit it into the seats.

Verlander tires of giving up home runs

Verlander is not amused after giving up another home run.

JV pick-off attempt


Phil Coke

Phil Coke

And, finally, I give you this.  I have no idea what this is, but it makes me laugh every time I see the picture.  Coke was talking to fans in the special seating area behind the bullpen seats and . . . yeah.  I love Phil Coke.  So, so much.


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