Here’s a fun secret I failed to anticipate about starting a blog following your favorite sports team.  When they’re winning, it seems super easy and fun.  When they’re not . . . well, less fun.  And kind of difficult.

I mean, really, how many different ways can you say the following things- screw the injury bug, the offense makes me want to set fire to the team, WTF Scherzer, please don’t talk to me about second base.  It gets kind of redundant, the way every loss feels exactly the same, how you can call when a guy is about to hit into a double play, how terrible pitchers are suddenly complete game throwers against us.  This wasn’t supposed to happen, you know.  But it is happening, and that makes it hard to find things to write about.


I will be attending three of the four Tampa games next weekend, so I should have plenty to talk about and I’m hoping that might get me going, at least for a bit.  I should also have plenty of pictures to show you.  Let’s consider this a blog reboot, shall we?

Until then, I’ll sit here on the couch and keep watching the Cardinals and our boys deadlocked in the most boring game ever played and pretend that our bullpen isn’t going to blow this thing.  Prince just hit a single, so maybe there’s hope?


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