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Andy Dirks- big damn hero!

I’ve been sort of half following the story of Andy Dirks and the Caribbean Series because, while I don’t know a whole lot about Andy (not his fault, he just kind of gets lost in the endless parade of young outfielders and hasn’t done much to draw attention), I like him and there’s pretty much nothing going on in baseball this week.  It seems like he’s been playing well and the video of his walk-off hit from the Aguilas game is hilarious.  This headline today on, though, amused the crap out of me and I had to share it.

“Andy Dirks’ standout play makes him a star in D.R.”

Our Andy Dirks!  A star!  No, seriously, check this out:

‘Through it all, you can still make out one of the most popular chants at this year’s Caribbean Series, and that’s music to Andy Dirks’ ears every time he hears it.

“An-dee, An-dee, An-dee.”

The Detroit outfielder is a rock star in the Dominican Republic. He can’t walk out of the hotel room where he is living this week without fans asking to take a photo with him or get his autograph.’

What exactly did Andy do to achieve celebrity status in the Dominican?  Well, the numbers weren’t spectacular, but they absolutely give hope to the idea of depth in the outfield (though we’re getting Clete back, as well, but my adoration for him is for another post).  First 4 games of the Series- .250 AVG, 3 RBIs and 3 runs scored.  .262 AVG over 16 games with the Toros.  That’s pretty consistent with his numbers from the end of the season (small sample sizes, all).

Apparently, though, he was also all about the drama.  Not only was there the above video in which he finished a come-from-behind victory with the game winning hit, but he also had the game-winning RBI against Venezuela in extra innings.  Lest we think that hitting is his only talent, he then made what was called a “spectacular” catch against Mexico and saved a run.

How does Andy feel about all this?

“Baseball has been really good to me so far,” Dirks said. “It’s been good to get a chance to play, let alone get recognized for your play and have a great group of guys to play with. It’s been a pretty surreal experience.” (same article as above)

There you go.  Andy Dirks: Dominican Hero!  Well done, Andy, and we’ll see you at Spring Training!