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A brief conversation about Ryan Raburn going to the DL

Me: Raburn just went on the 15-day DL? I mean, for what, exactly? A sore ass?

Husband: Seriously? He hasn’t played in like a week. Splinters, maybe?

Me: Hee! Butt splinters!

And then we acquired a replacement Raburn, and I felt a little bad for the guy, but it was still funny. So there you go.


Crossing a line

I’ve been staying off Twitter a lot lately, particularly during games, because it just makes me too angry, especially during a loss.  I’m usually pretty careful to follow people who only Tweet amusing things about games, even during ugly losses, but with the ability to retweet, I inevitably end up pissed off about something and have to log off.  This weekend, I cautiously ventured back onto Twitter, and generally enjoyed it, probably in no small part to the hysterical chronicles of the rain delay last night by people who were getting hailed on at the park.  

Something came up on my feed today, though, that set me off all over again.


I mean, for real?  There are fans who would actually do that crap?

Social media and the internet are great for a lot of reasons.  God knows I use them enough.  The downside is, though, that relative anonymity makes people brave.  For most of us, having to look someone in the face while saying something to them makes us censor ourselves a tad.  The internet gives you more of a hit-and-run mentality to being mean.  

I have no problems with people having opinions about how a team is being managed.  Fans will disagree, think they can make better decisions, play Monday Morning QB, etc.  That’s just how they are.  I’ve done it myself.  And, sometimes, fans will frame these opinions in an unnecessarily negative way.  I don’t like it (see: my opinions about booing home players), but that’s sports and it will never change.

But, really, that isn’t the issue here.  The problem in this case is that some fans think it is perfectly acceptable to voice their opinions on how a team’s manager sucks to that manager’s son.  That’s crossing a line.  Yes, Patrick is on Twitter, and probably sees passing comments from time to time.  But this person apparently Tweeted directly to Patrick, and that’s completely uncalled for.  I guess they thought, hey, Jim Leyland isn’t on Twitter, but his kid is, so this is the next best thing?  Maybe?  I don’t know what the thought process was, but it isn’t okay.

Luckily, Patrick handled it gracefully, which speaks volumes about his upbringing.  This was the next Tweet, which gave me some hope for humanity:


He also chose to post a video of his dad being interviewed as his response to any questions about Leyland’s loyalty to the Tigers, which I thought was a classy, appropriate response.  

So kudos to you, Patrick, for sticking up for your dad, and kudos to Jim for raising a good kid.  


Stay tuned for about a billion pictures from the Tampa games, as soon as I can narrow down which ones I want to post.  


Here’s a fun secret I failed to anticipate about starting a blog following your favorite sports team.  When they’re winning, it seems super easy and fun.  When they’re not . . . well, less fun.  And kind of difficult.

I mean, really, how many different ways can you say the following things- screw the injury bug, the offense makes me want to set fire to the team, WTF Scherzer, please don’t talk to me about second base.  It gets kind of redundant, the way every loss feels exactly the same, how you can call when a guy is about to hit into a double play, how terrible pitchers are suddenly complete game throwers against us.  This wasn’t supposed to happen, you know.  But it is happening, and that makes it hard to find things to write about.


I will be attending three of the four Tampa games next weekend, so I should have plenty to talk about and I’m hoping that might get me going, at least for a bit.  I should also have plenty of pictures to show you.  Let’s consider this a blog reboot, shall we?

Until then, I’ll sit here on the couch and keep watching the Cardinals and our boys deadlocked in the most boring game ever played and pretend that our bullpen isn’t going to blow this thing.  Prince just hit a single, so maybe there’s hope?

Know your Tigers: a refresher for the folks at


This picture has been in the photo gallery for last night’s game against Oakland all day today.  Apparently, no one has felt the need to correct it.  You know, on the website dedicated entirely to professional baseball.  Thus, I feel the need to provide some information to help them properly distinguish between certain Tigers hitters.

The above picture is of Brennan Boesch.  Brennan Boesch used to hit second for the Tigers.  He is currently hitting .231 with an OBP of .254, an OPS of .604, and is slugging .351, which is why he is now batting 8th.  He has been playing with the Tigers since 2010 and has only ever worn the number 26.  He is huge but has a baby face and almost constant stubble.


(image from

This is Andy Dirks.  He is four inches shorter than Brennan, has a distinctively thick neck, and I have yet to see him play with stubble.  He’s played with the Tigers since last season and has only ever worn the number 12 in the majors.  He is hitting a ridiculous .371 with an OBP of .413, an OPS of 1.042, and is slugging .629.  This is why he is now hitting second in the lineup instead of Boesch.  

I hope you will find this guide helpful in the future.  Or, if you’d like, I would happily come write captions for your Tigers game photos for you.  I bet I would get all the names right and everything.

I have a lot of feelings on this matter, but Christy said every last one of them, so I’ll let her down the talking and say “ditto” for now.

Random baseball happenings, some of it Tigers related

We’re not talking about last night, so here’s a delightfully random collection of linkage:

Apparently, we have re-acquired Zach Miner.  I have no interpretation for that.  Just thought you all might want to know.

Pudge finally makes it official.  How much do you love that Avila got his first catcher mitt from Pudge?  Aw.

Phil Coke’s Brain gives you a rundown of Tigers Twitter insanity, both official and not.   There’s some great stuff here and definitely worth a look.  I haven’t been able to handle Twitter during games lately, but if you’re brave, I recommend @RodAllen12, @mario_impemba, @philcokesbrain, @blessyouboys, @spacemnkymafia, @catswithbats, and @RoarTigers for information and laughs.

Have you guys seen the Chevy spots featuring the Tigers?  Check out “On Deck”, “Wind Up”, and “Rear View”.  The first two are my favorites, particularly “Wind Up”.  Simple and effective.  Love.

Apparently, Mike Rizzo has said that Strasburg will be shut down after between 160-180 innings, regardless of the Nationals’ playoff situation.  This makes my brain explode.  Nationals fans, you have my sincerest apologies in advance for how your season could potentially end.

Joe Posnanski is my favorite baseball writer and has just left Sports Illustrated for a new project.  You can check out his revamped blog here, though!

I don’t need to tell any of you that Curtis Granderson hit three home runs last night in consecutive plate appearances, right?  Because you all heard that already and wept quietly into your pillow.  Favorite reaction- last night, during the Tigers broadcast, Mario said “So, it looks like Curtis is having himself a day”, to which Rod replied, with a knowing, weary tone “What has he done?”.  Because everyone misses Curtis.

The Tigers prove they’re capable of losing, fans promptly lose their minds


Okay, listen Tigers fans.  Come over here and have a seat.  Don’t worry, I have tissues and beer.

Here’s the thing, you guys.  You’re all sports fans, and what’s more, you’re all TIGERS fans.  You know how this works.  Sometimes, teams lose.  In baseball, with the season lasting the better part of a year, the odds of this happening frequently is actually pretty high.  And, sometimes, your team will lose in a way that is so soul-crushingly, mind-numbingly, yell-obscenities-at-the-radio-and-nearly-drive-off-the-road terrible that you will question why you ever chose to put yourself through following them.  Do you all remember That Twins Game?  Yeah, you do, even if you try to pretend you don’t.

Yes, it is completely infuriating that Justin could pitch THAT WELL for 8 innings (I mean, less than 80 pitches?  What?) and blow it in the 9th.  It is more infuriating that Schlereth and Valverde gave back-to-back walks after he left the game and broke the tie.  And it is just BLISTERINGLY INFURIATING that Fernando Rodney, FERNANDO, could put down Cabrera, Prince, and Peralta in order.

Give me a second, I need to take a breath…

Okay, I’m better.  Look.  You can Monday morning quarterback this all day long, but here’s the truth.  The way Justin was pitching, no one could have guessed he would look that different the next inning.  Even after he started to struggle, fans were booing when Leyland went out to talk to him because they thought he was getting pulled.  Was Schlereth a good choice for the next pitcher?  Probably not.  Was it a good plan to put Valverde into a non-save, bases loaded situation?  Maybe not.  But statistically, it was probably just as likely for them or Verlander to blow the lead.  The manager has to make these choices, and if it works, he’s a hero.  If it doesn’t, fans wail and gnash their teeth, calling for his head.  After this team won the first four games of the season.  You know how many teams were undefeated this morning?  The Tigers.  You know how many wins the Twins had this morning?  Zero.  Just think about that for a minute before you start mentally firing the whole team.

I hate to have to bring this up again, but @catswithbats mentioned on Twitter that she really hoped she wasn’t hearing booing on the broadcast at the end of the game.  The only, ONLY reason I hope those people had was that they were expressing their displeasure for Rodney’s new-found abilities.  The Rays are a good team.  They swept the Yankees and, last season, beat them to make it to the playoffs.  Aside from the final inning, Verlander pitched like a master.  Shields also pitched a great game and we were frankly lucky to get the runs we did.  This was just one of those games.  If there were people booing simply because we lost, I’m frankly ashamed to call them fellow fans.

Valverde isn’t going to get every save, Cabrera and Prince aren’t going to get back-to-back hits every time through the rotation, Verlander isn’t going to pitch a no-hitter every outing, and we’re going to lose sometimes.  This team is made of win and magic and we’ll all enjoy this season a lot more if we can calm the hell down.  If we don’t, this is going to be a long, miserable season.