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Know your Tigers: a refresher for the folks at MLB.com


This picture has been in the MLB.com photo gallery for last night’s game against Oakland all day today.  Apparently, no one has felt the need to correct it.  You know, on the website dedicated entirely to professional baseball.  Thus, I feel the need to provide some information to help them properly distinguish between certain Tigers hitters.

The above picture is of Brennan Boesch.  Brennan Boesch used to hit second for the Tigers.  He is currently hitting .231 with an OBP of .254, an OPS of .604, and is slugging .351, which is why he is now batting 8th.  He has been playing with the Tigers since 2010 and has only ever worn the number 26.  He is huge but has a baby face and almost constant stubble.


(image from mlive.com)

This is Andy Dirks.  He is four inches shorter than Brennan, has a distinctively thick neck, and I have yet to see him play with stubble.  He’s played with the Tigers since last season and has only ever worn the number 12 in the majors.  He is hitting a ridiculous .371 with an OBP of .413, an OPS of 1.042, and is slugging .629.  This is why he is now hitting second in the lineup instead of Boesch.  

I hope you will find this guide helpful in the future.  Or, if you’d like, I would happily come write captions for your Tigers game photos for you.  I bet I would get all the names right and everything.