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Know your Tigers: a refresher for the folks at MLB.com


This picture has been in the MLB.com photo gallery for last night’s game against Oakland all day today.  Apparently, no one has felt the need to correct it.  You know, on the website dedicated entirely to professional baseball.  Thus, I feel the need to provide some information to help them properly distinguish between certain Tigers hitters.

The above picture is of Brennan Boesch.  Brennan Boesch used to hit second for the Tigers.  He is currently hitting .231 with an OBP of .254, an OPS of .604, and is slugging .351, which is why he is now batting 8th.  He has been playing with the Tigers since 2010 and has only ever worn the number 26.  He is huge but has a baby face and almost constant stubble.


(image from mlive.com)

This is Andy Dirks.  He is four inches shorter than Brennan, has a distinctively thick neck, and I have yet to see him play with stubble.  He’s played with the Tigers since last season and has only ever worn the number 12 in the majors.  He is hitting a ridiculous .371 with an OBP of .413, an OPS of 1.042, and is slugging .629.  This is why he is now hitting second in the lineup instead of Boesch.  

I hope you will find this guide helpful in the future.  Or, if you’d like, I would happily come write captions for your Tigers game photos for you.  I bet I would get all the names right and everything.


Final spring training update- Tigers vs. Braves, again

With nothing planned on the day and the Tigers playing at Disney, husband and I decided to take in one last game before the team heads north.  And, because y’all seem to love pictures (hi, Google Image search hits!) and the suspense of whether or not Inge will be on the roster is giving me tics, this is going to be mainly a picture post.  I’m figuring you guys are okay with that.  Also, honestly, there’s not a whole lot to say at this point in the spring, especially after Verlander goes out and pitches exactly like Verlander and the game gets called in the 7th due to torrential downpour and thunder.  A few quick bullets:

– Verlander did, indeed, pitch like Verlander, and I don’t think he’d hit his pitch count yet when the game ended in the 7th.  With the exception of a ball that was hit to the center field wall, none of the Braves hit anything particularly hard off him.  Hooray!

– Every game I catch, Avila looks like he’s having so much fun.  I’m glad he’s adjusted so smoothly to being a daily, All-Star catcher.  Prince seems like he’s having an equally good time.  When I got to the park, the two of them were cracking each other up and chattering away while stretching.

– Jackson got on base, stole second immediately, and came into score later.  It was nice to see this work out exactly as we want it to on paper before my very eyes.  Please keep doing this, Austin!

–  Thomas absolutely killed a ball over the deep right field wall.  It was a thing of beauty, and probably didn’t hurt his chances of making the roster.  This whole Dirks/Worth/Thomas/Inge madness is going right down to the wire, folks.

–  Balester came up to sign autographs and people started yelling “Mister Fister!” trying to get his attention.  “I’m not Fister” he sighed diplomatically.  And, really, now that I look at them, Balester is pretty much a scruffy Fister.

Jackson, Avila, Fielder

Jackson, Fielder, and Avila joke around while stretching.

Brennan Boesch

Brennan Boesch looks imposing.

Dave Dombrowski observes batting practice.


Miguel and friend both jump for a ball.

Benoit, Coke, and Balester

Benoit, Coke, and Balester half-heartedly stretch during batting practice.

Avila, Raburn, Worth, and Peralta

Peralta, Raburn, Worth, and Avila watch Cabrera during batting practice.

Avila, Peralta, Raburn, Worth

Peralta, Raburn, Worth, and Avila admire a Cabrera practice home run.


Ladies and gentlemen, The Man.

Cabrera and Fielder

Cabrera and Fielder, a blossoming bromance.

Jackson, Fielder, and Cabrera

Fielder hangs out with Jackson and Boesch. He seems to be fitting right in.

Cabrera and Fielder mess around between innings.

Cabrera and Fielder. Run, Fielder, run!

Cabrera and Uggla were very touchy and friendly over at second. Right here, Cabrera was giving him crap about something.

Spring training update- Tigers vs. Cardinals

It was St. Patrick’s day, and you know what that meant . . .

Green uniforms

Green for everyone!

Yes, it was that day every spring when both teams wear nearly identical green uniforms for no particular reason, thus confusing the heck out of the more casual fans in our section.  It also meant the bat boy was dressed as a leprechaun and other shenanigans.   I’m not even kidding about the bat boy.  I wish to God I was.

Miguel St. Patrick's

Miguel Cabrera as a leprechaun. You're welcome, folks.

Prince stealing

Prince Fielder stole second base! I can't even make that up, it is so ridiculous.


Grounds crew

The grounds crew always does the YMCA in the 5th. They do NOT always do it in green wigs, however.

Cabrera with grounds crew

Miguel Cabrera is amused by the grounds crew.

Somewhere in all this, a baseball game actually happened. Adam Wilk pitching.

Believe it or not, there was actually some pretty good baseball happening somewhere in all the Guiness-fueled insanity.  On top of stealing second, Prince went 3-for-3 and hit a triple.  A TRIPLE.  Quoth Leyland: “To see Prince Fielder leg one out, I got a kick out of it. I don’t expect to see many more of those. But in all seriousness, he’s much more athletic than I thought him to be”.  Awesome.

Adam Wilk struggled early and gave up a 2 run homer to Holliday, which, okay, that’s going to happen.  David Freese made it 3 and it was looking like we were in for a long day yet again.  That’s when the insanity started.  10 unanswered runs from our bats.  Cabrera, Fielder, and Young hit back-to-back-to-back twice in two separate innings and generally created havoc for the whole game.  Holaday caught the whole game and even got a hit!  We didn’t commit any errors (…until this afternoon. Seriously, boys?)!  Jackson didn’t strike out!  Again, standard spring training disclaimers apply, but we haven’t had a game with less than 7 hits all spring and are outscoring opponents nearly 2-to-1.  I think that’s cause for at least a bit of rejoicing.

It hasn’t just been the bats, though, which brings me to the pitching showdown we witnessed.  Wilk was definitely struggling a bit, but the story of the day was always going to be Oliver vs. Smyly, so that almost felt like an afterthought.  Oliver went two innings, gave up one hit, and walked none.  Smyly went out for the final four innings, didn’t give up a hit, but walked two.  Until yesterday, I was pretty heavily on Team Oliver, but now I’m buckling a bit.  He’s been around a bit longer but has a history of inconsistency with control.  Smyly is barely out of A ball but looks like he has a year with the big club already under his belt.  So . . .  I don’t know.  I think I’m still on Team Oliver because I’m wary of pulling him up too quickly, but I wouldn’t be upset if it goes to Smyly.  He’s clearly earning it.

Some other pretty cool, non-holiday related things were going on before the game, of which I have pictures:

Dirks with kids

Andy Dirks signing for kids.

We spotted Andy Dirks signing autographs for a little league team down on the field before the game started.


Look who it is! Victor!

Then who should we spy by the clubhouse but Victor Martinez on crutches!

Al and Victor

Two of the wounded compare notes- Al Alburquerque and Victor Martinez.

Alburquerque was also hanging around and came over to chat with V-Mart, possibly comparing battle scars.  Victor was holding Alburquerque’s arm and squeezing it for some reason.

Little League

Baseball at its most adorable.

After  a few minutes, the little league players and their group came over to the clubhouse.  A few players came over to sign for them and I was trying to figure out if they were from Venezuela or the Dominican when one of the little players broke from the group and my husband and I immediately put two and two together.

Victor Jose

Yep. That's Victor Jose Martinez, greeting his friends.

Victor Jose started greeting the other adults with all the confidence in the world, like he owned the place and they were his personal friends.  Which they probably are.  I freaking love that kid.  He was working the crowd far before he made it over to his dad.  When V-Mart comes back for good and we still have Prince’s boys wandering around, the clubhouse is likely to implode from all the adorable.

Stay tuned for that second base post I keep promising but keep putting off writing.  My intention is to make it objective but that’s proving difficult.  It also becomes more difficult every time Ryan Raburn goes out there and drills one over the fence.  Sigh.

Andy Dirks- big damn hero!

I’ve been sort of half following the story of Andy Dirks and the Caribbean Series because, while I don’t know a whole lot about Andy (not his fault, he just kind of gets lost in the endless parade of young outfielders and hasn’t done much to draw attention), I like him and there’s pretty much nothing going on in baseball this week.  It seems like he’s been playing well and the video of his walk-off hit from the Aguilas game is hilarious.  This headline today on MLB.com, though, amused the crap out of me and I had to share it.

“Andy Dirks’ standout play makes him a star in D.R.”

Our Andy Dirks!  A star!  No, seriously, check this out:

‘Through it all, you can still make out one of the most popular chants at this year’s Caribbean Series, and that’s music to Andy Dirks’ ears every time he hears it.

“An-dee, An-dee, An-dee.”

The Detroit outfielder is a rock star in the Dominican Republic. He can’t walk out of the hotel room where he is living this week without fans asking to take a photo with him or get his autograph.’

What exactly did Andy do to achieve celebrity status in the Dominican?  Well, the numbers weren’t spectacular, but they absolutely give hope to the idea of depth in the outfield (though we’re getting Clete back, as well, but my adoration for him is for another post).  First 4 games of the Series- .250 AVG, 3 RBIs and 3 runs scored.  .262 AVG over 16 games with the Toros.  That’s pretty consistent with his numbers from the end of the season (small sample sizes, all).

Apparently, though, he was also all about the drama.  Not only was there the above video in which he finished a come-from-behind victory with the game winning hit, but he also had the game-winning RBI against Venezuela in extra innings.  Lest we think that hitting is his only talent, he then made what was called a “spectacular” catch against Mexico and saved a run.

How does Andy feel about all this?

“Baseball has been really good to me so far,” Dirks said. “It’s been good to get a chance to play, let alone get recognized for your play and have a great group of guys to play with. It’s been a pretty surreal experience.” (same MLB.com article as above)

There you go.  Andy Dirks: Dominican Hero!  Well done, Andy, and we’ll see you at Spring Training!