the hardest goodbye yet

Well, that was fast.

I knew it would happen.  I knew it would happen this season.  I hate that it happened at the end of a completely disastrous homestand.  Because, look, we can all agree (even this supporter) that Inge has been terrible aside from the random extra base hit, but he’s been with the team since 2001.  He was part of the 2006 club.  I cannot imagine that losing a guy like this as a teammate after being SWEPT BY THE MARINERS and before you get on a plane to New York felt very good.  The only good thing I see in this as a fan is that Inge no longer has to endure the hail of boos that happens anytime he shows his face on the field.  It felt cruel and cheap and I was sick of hearing it.  He said he thought it was funny, but when they showed close-ups of his face during games, it was like looking at a different person.  I think he was miserable, and maybe this was the best thing for him.  Have fun with your kids, Brandon, and I hope someone picks you up.

Really, I’m just angry, and not for the reason you think.  I’m pissed because I’m sure there are fans who feel like they’ve won, like they booed hard enough, complained loudly enough, that the front office heard them and gave them what they wanted.  And that just isn’t true.  This was going to happen one way or another, and I hate that people feel giddy about it.  There’s nothing good about watching a guy try so hard but fail.  Nothing.  Inge leaving doesn’t fix this team.  Leyland wanted the guys to get angry.  Maybe this will help.

As I’ve said, I was a late fan.  Brandon Inge was the first player I called “My Tiger”.  I don’t know why I zeroed in on him, but I’ve always liked him, and I’ll keep wearing my Inge jersey until it falls apart.  I’ll miss seeing his goofy, ridiculous face on the team, and if he lands somewhere in another uniform, I’ll follow him, no matter how wrong it looks, just like I have with Granderson in pinstripes.


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