Random baseball happenings, some of it Tigers related

We’re not talking about last night, so here’s a delightfully random collection of linkage:

Apparently, we have re-acquired Zach Miner.  I have no interpretation for that.  Just thought you all might want to know.

Pudge finally makes it official.  How much do you love that Avila got his first catcher mitt from Pudge?  Aw.

Phil Coke’s Brain gives you a rundown of Tigers Twitter insanity, both official and not.   There’s some great stuff here and definitely worth a look.  I haven’t been able to handle Twitter during games lately, but if you’re brave, I recommend @RodAllen12, @mario_impemba, @philcokesbrain, @blessyouboys, @spacemnkymafia, @catswithbats, and @RoarTigers for information and laughs.

Have you guys seen the Chevy spots featuring the Tigers?  Check out “On Deck”, “Wind Up”, and “Rear View”.  The first two are my favorites, particularly “Wind Up”.  Simple and effective.  Love.

Apparently, Mike Rizzo has said that Strasburg will be shut down after between 160-180 innings, regardless of the Nationals’ playoff situation.  This makes my brain explode.  Nationals fans, you have my sincerest apologies in advance for how your season could potentially end.

Joe Posnanski is my favorite baseball writer and has just left Sports Illustrated for a new project.  You can check out his revamped blog here, though!

I don’t need to tell any of you that Curtis Granderson hit three home runs last night in consecutive plate appearances, right?  Because you all heard that already and wept quietly into your pillow.  Favorite reaction- last night, during the Tigers broadcast, Mario said “So, it looks like Curtis is having himself a day”, to which Rod replied, with a knowing, weary tone “What has he done?”.  Because everyone misses Curtis.


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