Spring training update 3- in which I take an unreasonable number of pictures

Saturday the 25th saw the whole team in camp and my husband and I with a morning of nothing to do.  Since the poor boy had yet to see an early workout and it was my birthday weekend, we headed out that morning for another round of fun!

In what may have been a calculated effort to show certain members of the media that he was not, in fact, a poor sport and a whiner who probably didn’t want to start badly enough because he showed up in camp merely on time (This was A Thing, sadly enough), Inge came out of the clubhouse quite a bit before the other players started appearing.  He immediately took to the front practice field with Belliard and started getting pointers on playing second base.  I had a good view since I was standing right along the fence.

working hard

Brandon Inge attempts to learn a new position.

Everyone else arrived in waves after and started rotating through drills. Lest we all forget, here is a reminder that Doug Fister is a beanpole:

Fister is tall

At this point, husband was all "Holy, crap, is he tall!" and I was like "See?!". Doug Fister is a tall, lanky man.

More tall Fister

Just for fun, here's Doug Fister between Avila and Fielder. Heeeee!

In case you haven’t heard, Kenny Rogers is in camp helping the pitchers to field the ball and hold runners!  This is excellent news, because he was really the only pitcher in ’06 who did not suck out loud at this.  Much to my dismay, I did not bring my Rogers shirt.

Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers signs autographs for practically everyone.

My biggest observation during warm-ups, other than “Hey, this reminds me a lot of track and field training”, was that the groups with rookies and prospects worked really, really hard and don’t talk much.  The veterans are very much the opposite.  I don’t mean to say that they’re not working putting effort into it, but there’s definitely a feeling that they don’t have nearly as much to prove.  Also, they’re busy catching up with their friends, which is adorable.  In a manly, athletic way.

Cabrera, Benoit, and Valverde

Cabrera laughs at something with Valverde in the background and Benoit in the middle of it. Cabrera and Valverde were giving a lot of guys trouble when they screwed something up, actually.

Raburn smiles

Much to my delight, I somehow got Ryan Raburn looking right at us and grinning. I love it. And, hey, look who was working out! Al Al!

Fielder no shoes

Why, no, I don't know why Fielder had his shoes off and inserts out, and neither did Fister. It was pretty funny, though.

When everyone split up, the infielders broke up pretty evenly between roster and non-roster guys.  I love watching new talent, but I was far more interested in watching the re-shuffled infield and had a great spot at the fence.  Kelly and Cabrera took third, Raburn/Santiago/Inge went to second, Danny Worth and Peralta took SS, and Prince started at first all by himself.  He was joined later by Kelly and Santiago shifted over to short for a bit.

Fielder at first

My first look at Prince working out at first. He's got a great arm, by the way.

Inge at second

Inge tosses a ball to first, or toward me, while Raburn watches.


Inge would probably sit there all spring if it meant he could have the second base spot full time.


Inge and Leyland

Inge walks with Leyland and chats.

At this point, the pitchers joined in the fun for a little while:

JV on the mound

Oh, hello, Justin Verlander!

Don Kelly at first

Don Kelly, playoff favorite, takes a ground ball at first.


Infielders again

Prince, Inge, and Raburn discuss infielderish things.




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