they must be anxious for spring at

Because nothing else can explain the horribleness of this headline:

“Southpaw no longer Below the radar”

I clicked on the headline thinking “There’s absolutely no way this is actually an article about Duane Below”, but there it was.  Sometimes journalists come up with truly clever headlines, and sometimes this happens.  I can only imagine that, as the off-season winds down and we can smell pitcher and catcher report, they must be getting punchy over at

All kidding aside, it was a good article, and I’ll definitely be watching for Below at spring training.  I’ve gotten used to the revolving 5th spot in the rotation, and honestly, I don’t think it can get worse than a 5.30 ERA and 1.563 WHIP (…Penny).

And now I’ve surely jinxed the rotation.  Well done, me.



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