Spring is in the air

Husband and I have solidified which Spring games we’re going to and the tickets have been purchased!  While I’ve been having baseball withdrawal spasms since December, the knowledge that I’ll be seeing a game in almost exactly one month has me practically vibrating with anticipation.  I mean, there are only so many hours of MLB Network specials you can watch before you start seeing repeats and, after the Fielder move, Hot Stove is pretty boring on the Tigers front.

So, in honor of what I call “The Only Reason to Actually Like Florida”, here are some of my favorite pictures taken at training over the past few years.

Kelly at 3rd

Kelly does his best Inge impression at third. Taken at Wide World of Sports complex.

Jeremy Bonderman

Aw, Bondo. I still hurt for him. Also taken at Wide World of Sports, and you know when, since I somehow turned on my stupid date stamp.


Taken at Joker Marchant last year on President's Day. Aw, Zoom. He looked so good.

Action Valverde

Also taken President's Day last year during pitcher ground ball practice. Note the way Valverde kind of flails for the ball.

Valverde and Coke

I wish I could convey to you the ridiculousness that was happening at this practice. Shortly before this was taken, Valverde was singing. Loudly.


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