Wait . . . what??

Are you kidding me with this?

Ok- so-  wait, here’s the thing.

. . . I don’t even know.  I have so, so many questions.  So.  Many.  People are freaking the hell out, and rightly so, but I don’t think I can be until we answer some crazy questions:

1) Ok, so you move Miguel to DH.  What happens when Victor comes back? What if Miguel suffers from not being a daily position player, which I think is a real possibility, especially given his fitness.

3) What if you move Miggy to 3rd?  That wasn’t supposed to happen as of a week ago, and I still think it doesn’t, but we already have two players at 3rd.

4) Why isn’t anyone talking about moving Young to DH and shifting someone into the outfield.  We have better left fielders on our team and suddenly an excess of infielders.

5) Going back to Miggy.  Maybe I’m being over emotional, but I find this kind of a slap to him.  They effectively just said “We have one of the top 3 first basemen in baseball, but you know what, now we can get an even better one, so we’re sticking you at DH”.

I’m liking what Eric is saying on MLB Network right now.  Yeah, this is a huge win for the Tigers, but does it REALLY change things that much?  And is anyone else concerned about what this does to the dynamic of the team?  Anyone?


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