A quick word about comments

Assuming this blog ever gets any traffic that isn’t referred from comments I’ve made on other blogs (hi, guys!) and people start, you know, commenting on things, I’d like to say a few words about comments.  I don’t want to be all “follow my rules or get off my lawn”, but I do have one fairly straightforward request- be nice.

One of the beautiful things about sports is that we can get irrationally passionate about it and this can lead to a) wildly differing opinions that we feel VERY strongly about and b) looking for someone to blame when things are going badly.  My rule applies pretty simply to the first problem.  Disagree with facts, not insults.  Instead of “You’re an idiot”, why not try “I disagree for the following reasons”?  I know the first is easier, curb that wrath.

The second point is one I feel a bit more strongly about and can be a bit trickier.  Look, there are 162 games.  Your team is going to infuriate you, and individual players are going infuriate you.  This is inevitable.  Some guys will make mistakes that will make you question their skill or intelligence, and some of these guys will be managers.  Someone may even have a terrible season.  Venting is healthy, and I have no problem with you airing your feelings about Leland’s handling of pitchers or Raburn’s truly terrible first half numbers here.  However.  Can we agree to do this without being insulting to the people themselves?  Let’s just remember that players are people and operate under the assumption that Austin Jackson did not strikeout yet again because he hates winning.  I’ve heard the derogatory nicknames that have made the rounds about current players and I will delete any comments that include them.  I don’t want this to be that kind of blog.  I also ask you not to make derogatory comments about the city of Detroit itself.  There’s just no reason for that, ever, especially not when they’re already down.

So, as Wil Wheaton says, “Don’t be a dick!”.  Do that, and we should get along just fine.


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