Change of Plans

This was originally planned as a simple post commenting on the Tigers signing their remaining arbitration players.  That will probably still happen, as I love Don Kelly’s story and have many snarky comments to make about Delmon Young’s abilities as a left fielder, but as I was planning my post, this happened.

There may be be worse things a Tigers fan could hear than “Victor Martinez likely out for 2012 with a torn ACL”, but I put it solidly in the top three.  Those signings were no longer news.  Every program on MLB Network that evening attempted to dissect what a player like Victor means to a team and how the Tigers should replace him, if that’s even possible.  The general consensus seems to be that the Tigers still easily win the AL Central, just maybe not in a complete blowout.  I guess that should be comforting, but for any fan who watched the last month of the 2009 season unfold, it very much is not.  Even I didn’t panic when I first read the headline (to be fair, though, I swore a lot).  At least we have time to deal with it, this is only one player, we have plenty of depth, etc, etc.  The more I’ve processed it, though, the more I’m . . . uneasy, maybe?  We’re talking about losing a left handed hitter who posted a .330 average and kept Miguel Cabrera from having to take a walk every other freaking at bat.  And can I just say right now, on the record, that signing Laird never looked like a better idea.

My opinion (because you really care, I know)?  I don’t think we sign anyone just yet.  The Yankees need a DH, too, so it will be tough to beat them for the best hitters.  The Tigers are fortunate enough to have a plethora of young players who can play multiple positions and an great hitter who places mediocre left field ( . . . Delmon).  We’re already platooning two infield positions, so I really don’t see why we can’t add DH and left field to the player carousel.

Except that we still need a left handed hitter.  Hey, Damon’s available again!



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