An Introduction

I was raised in a household that was generally indifferent about sports and even more indifferent about watching them on television.  My grandfather loved watching professional tennis and women’s college basketball but I rarely paid much attention to either.  I vaguely recall my dad falling asleep in front of the odd football game and he got pretty excited about the Houston Rockets in the mid-90’s when everyone had Olajuwon fever.  We lived in Michigan, though, so that excitement was limited to when he was on the phone or visiting his Texas family.  I distinctly remember being asked by friends if I was rooting for Michigan or Michigan State and having absolutely no opinion whatsoever.  Asking my parents if we had picked a side was no help, either, since they went to college in Texas.  Also, they were music students.  That last point probably explains a lot.

This didn’t keep us from playing sports, and of course my parents always encouraged us in our athletic ventures.  I put in my obligatory time playing right field for two summers of softball before becoming discouraged by my lack of skill and our team’s appalling record (we won one game my second season).  I went on to play sports every season through middle and high school and turned out to be a good competitive cheerleader and a moderately “okay” runner.  I never tried softball again.

In college, I had close friends who were baseball fans (Indians and Cardinals, respectively) and, in an effort to be a sports fan, I halfheartedly kept track of whether or not the Tigers were winning. This was not particularly difficult in the early 2000’s.  In fact, the first professional baseball games I attended were a Cardinals game in St. Louis while on a church youth trip and an Indians game in Cleveland with the aforementioned friends during college.  I wouldn’t see the Tigers play until 2007, well after I moved to Florida.

I know, I know. If you’re a Tigers fan, and you read that I went to my first actual game in 2007, that just screams “bandwagon”, and you’re justified in saying that.      Yes, I fell in love with the team in 2006, and this is why I felt it important to explain my history with sports.  Following a sports team with devotion was not part of my world view until that year.  It was, however, part of my husband’s, as his father loved the Tigers and Lions, and he is partly responsible for my jump onto the bandwagon.  I remember grinning like a fool as Kenny Rogers sprayed the fans with champagne and being surprised that a sport could make me feel what I felt that night.  I endured the (slightly intoxicated) phone call from my best friend to gloat after our World Series loss to her beloved Cardinals.

I never, ever pictured myself as a sports fan.  I never pictured myself becoming so devoted to a team, and I certainly didn’t see myself becoming such a fan of a sport that I wanted to follow it and learn more even when it didn’t even pertain to my particular team.  And yet, here I am, attempting to jump into the the blogging world.  I was prompted to try this after an individual made a perplexing comment to me on multiple occasions.  While waiting for my husband to finish with a meeting, I would hide out in the car and listen to games on our XM radio.  Each time he would see me doing this, or catch me checking scores, he would mockingly ask “Are you sure you’re actually a girl?”.

So yes, I am a girl. And, yes, I adore baseball more with each year.  This is why, as pitcher and catcher report draws closer and I begin to plan my Spring Training plan of attack, I’ve decided to start this blog.  If you want to follow, I can’t exactly tell you what to expect, but it will be related to baseball, hopefully funny at times, and have a heavy Tigers bias.

Welcome, and here we go!


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